Myths about studying at European Personal Training Institute

There are several myths flying around in UK when it involves becoming a personal trainer. If you are looking at joining the profession, do not hold back because of such myths. Read and be guided by the information given below:

Personal trainers need to be on the younger side

This is totally not true. While there could be trainers in their mid to late 30s, you will be surprised to know that a recent survey revealed that professionally trained fitness experts were in the age group of 50-60 years.

Trainers undergo intensive personal trainer courses and build up their knowledge and expertise over a period of time. The more experience they have, the better they are equipped to provide professional training. So age can be a relative factor, not necessarily a drawback when it comes to personal training.

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Personal trainers are a celebrity service

In many ways this was true in years gone by – because of the cost factor. Celebrities had the means to pamper themselves with a whole range of personal services, including on the fitness front. However, the personal trainer profession has grown since then.

More and more people in UK have opted to join the profession and with the increasing numbers, there is an increase in availability. The more experienced and qualified trainers could demand higher fees, but there is the middle range of trainers who work in gyms and offer personal training – who are affordable.

Anyone can take up personal training

As European Personal Training Institute involves a whole lot of factors, the job might not suit all types of people. Besides attaining the required certification, a personal trainer has to have the dedication to guide and train people through a fitness course.

These are not easy aspects as a UK trainer has to deal with people of all types and fitness levels. So unless a person has the required passion to help people become fit, it might not prove to be the right profession to go in for.

Trainers have to be muscular and lean

Fitness definitely plays a major part in the life of a personal trainer. But it does not mean he or she has to be muscular and lean. A trainer could have a normal healthy body, but agile enough to guide the clients through their fitness moves.

Personal trainers are qualified to recommend diet plans for the client

The certifications acquired by personal trainers during personal trainer courses do not include expertise on specific planning of meals. As a trainer you might take the trouble to read about and increase your knowledge on what foods should be taken while working out. But a personal trainer is no expert in this field. People working out should best consult a professional dietician if they want to obtain maximum benefits while undergoing courses at the European Personal Training Institute.

Working in a gym is wage-sufficient

If you are employed as a personal trainer in a gym, such employment may not be sufficient to provide a living wage. You would have to continuously market yourself – among clients attending the gym or outside contacts – as being available for personal training sessions, to up your earnings.

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