Kettlebell Workouts – How Long Until You See Results?

Clients naturally have lot of expectations when they sign up for kettlebells training with you. They come with a preconditioned mindset and information gathered from various sources which makes them think that you have a magic wand to transform their physical condition overnight.

However, as a seasoned trainer you know that things don’t work that way. Several factors influence how fast a client may see results. And as you have learnt during your kettlebell courses, you should never push things too hard even if your client is willing to.

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Factors Affecting Workout Results

You should be frank with clients and let them understand that it takes time for the body to adjust to a new workout regime. Added to that are factors such as lifestyle, diet and nutrition, sleep and rest patterns and present physical condition; all of which affect how fast a client will see results with kettlebells training.

Kettlebell courses teach you how to help your clients plan and follow a healthy lifestyle which is so essential for sustaining the benefits of kettlebells training.

Also, many clients may do other forms of workouts along with kettlebell exercises and this is something that will also affect the pace of results.

Even then, clients who have never worked out before will see an immediate improvement in some areas such as posture and flexibility. They will also ‘discover’ newer muscles as kettlebell workouts target even the tiniest, hidden muscles of the body which many other equipments fail to work.

Noticeable Changes after One Month

Clients working thrice a week under you can expect to see noticeable change in their physical shape after three to four weeks of regular training. However, do keep in mind that newcomers will always take longer to reap the benefits. With newbies, it is always advisable to begin with a few introductory sessions that allows their body to adjust to the rigours of kettlebell training.

Also, clients must know how to handle kettlebells correctly and do all the movements right so as to avoid injuries and strain. So for clients training for the first time, it is best to give one to one and half months before they can hope to see slimmer waists and stronger muscles

Noticeable Changes after Two Months 

As a trainer who has done her kettlebell CEC certification, you know that visible change in muscle development is noticeable after about eight weeks or two months of continuous training; twice or thrice a week. However, kettlebell exercises are highly effective for rapid weight loss as most of them are total-body workouts with high afterburn effect.

So clients who are training regularly, eating right and sleeping well and following a controlled lifestyle can always expect to see faster results. In fact, clients who are diligent and disciplined can hope to flaunt a well-toned, lean and muscular body within six weeks of starting to train with kettlebells.

Some Clients may take Longer 

Not all clients have similar needs and physical capacity so the above generalization may not hold true for them. Especially clients who are above fifty years or physically unfit will take longer to reach similar results even with the right diet and disciplined lifestyle.

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