Mission Statement

Sports Recreation and Outdoors Trust (SPROUT) is a charitable, voluntary and non-profitable trust meant to educate, encourage, promote and provide opportunities in sports, recreation and outdoor pursuits to achieve greater wellbeing for people of Indian origin in New Zealand.
Our mission is to provide a platform for "Every Indian in New Zealand to achieve greater well being through sports, recreation and outdoor pursuits".

Background Information

Though we aspire for an excellent lifestyle in New Zealand, we still fall short on many aspects that make it healthy and active. When it comes to physical activities our approach is still very complacent.

Moreover a recent health assessment of Indians in Auckland shows that our key health risks are cardiovascular disease (CVD), Type-2 Diabetes, Obesity etc and one of the key reasons is a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. We at SPROUT endeavour to provide opportunities to overcome these health risks.

Recently we conducted a survey among Indian families in Auckland for their opinion about activities and active lifestyle or lack of it. The findings were not entirely surprising as we tend to wait for some health issues or symptoms to surface before we make any lifestyle changes.

Some of the most common reasons for not involving in any physical activities seem to be:

"We don't get time, we workover weekends."
"My kids go to three different classes and I migrated here for their future."
"We would like to do something but we are not able to find a suitable team or players."
"I am happy watching cricket as all activities over here are so expensive."

To make life easy, healthy and active for all Indians, we invite you to get involved with the activities of SPROUT which offer opportunities for the entire family.

Our Team:

The volunteers at SPROUT come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. They bring a diverse range of skills and talents to help make SPROUT the organsiation that it is.

The organisation is driven by a passionate SPROUT Action Group which meets once every two months to brainstorm healthy ideas. Together they develop innovative implementation strategies with a single minded aim of making a healthy difference in Indian community in New Zealand.

If you are interested in volunteering for SPROUT, please e-mail your ideas or CV to info@sprout.net.nz

If you are interested to contribute to Health Guru please e-mail us at: healthgurunz@gmail.com

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